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Jane Schuldiner
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My name is Frank, I became Chuck's Letter Carrier (Mailman) in 1985. I'm still on the same route. So I've known Chuck, Jane, Bethann, et-all on a personal basis for over 17 years.

When I first met Chuck they (Death) were playing in his garage with the usual complaints from the neighbors about that "noise" from their house. Chuck was great about it. He didn't let it get him down. I watched him progress from that garage to several European tours. As time went by and when Chuck was home we would sit at his mailbox and he would tell me what had been going on while he was on tour. He'd tell me about the that piece of shit manager he had and the crap that he put the band through. He'd tell me how the "label" was robbing them blind. He'd talk about getting their equipment ripped off in Europe. He'd tell me these things and I would wonder why he still did it. Through it all Chuck would say "it's cool everything will be alright". He really loved what he was doing.

I didn't know Chuck the musician. This might be sacrilegious to say here but I'm not into metal I never have even listened to one of Chuck's songs. I really didn't know the impact he had on the music world until I stumbled onto your web-site tonight, but I did and do know the impact that he had on the people he touched around here including me. Chuck was a gentle soul. One of the kindest most caring people I've met in my 40 years. Chuck completely blew away any stereotype that I had about "Metal Heads". He truly was one of the nicest most caring person I have known. Definitely not what is portrayed by the media. He was very intelligent and I enjoyed our conversations. He was always more concerned with other people more than he was for himself. It concerned me that unscrupulous people took advantage of this man that just wanted to create music and share it with his fans but he seemed to take it in stride. He was just that way. He had a fierce love and devotion to his family. He was absolutely obsessed with insuring that his family was alright. During his illness when he was able to come out and talk to me, he would tell me how he was doing. If the news wasn't that good he would say "don't tell Mom, I don't want to worry her". Through out his fight I would get any news that I could get either from his family or from some close neighbors. Many a prayer was spoken at my house for Chuck and now for his family. Throughout his ordeal Chuck kept a fantastic attitude always saying that he was going to beat this thing no matter what the prognosis was from the doctors. Usually by the end of our talks he was trying to cheer me up. I considered Chuck a friend and I hope he felt the same about me. It devastated me when I heard that he has passed away I stood there hugging Jane and weeping because I felt that the world had just lost another GOOD person.

Now as to Chuck's family; I would ask that you would all say a special prayer for them. they fought a long hard battle with many an up and down but always with the steadfast belief that he would pull out of it. No matter how dire the prognosis from the Doctors you'd hear Bethann say that they didn't know what they were talking about. She was driven to get Chuck the best help that could be found, usually a high personal cost. Chuck's passing has hit all of them hard both emotionally and financially. Jane has been devastated first by the loss of her son who looked after her but also by the sharks trying to feed off of the blood sweat and tears of Chucks accomplishments and for any of you that might be reading this SHAME ON YOU!!! Be ware as furiously as Bethann fought to keep Chuck alive she is fighting just as hard to insure that you whores don't profit off of something that you're not entitled to. But ultimately you will have to answer to whom ever it is that you pray to. But I digress, Chuck has a nephew (Bethann's son) who idolized him. They were Buds and this has hit him especially hard. He's a great Kid well maybe not so much a kid anymore and he could use our prayers. Then there is Bethann, one of the strongest person that I know. She goes after things that she is passionate about with a dogged determination that awes me. She is the kind of person that I want on my side if I need to get something really important done. She is definitely not someone that I wanted pissed off at me. Despite her hard exterior she has a heart of gold. As was Chuck she is absolutely devoted to her family and insuring that her Mom is alright. She adores her son and works tirelessly.

It did my heart good and caused me to get misty eyed to see your out pouring of mail that I delivered to Chuck's family. It showed me that you guys (especially over-seas) really loved him. I would beg you to continue his family needs your support more than ever. Daily there seems to be some new challenge they have to deal with and I'm sure that your support helps.

Frank Rowe, June 22, 2002