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Just a little note to anyone interested enough to hear from another grieving individual out there. My name is Todd and I happened to be lucky enough to have catered a couple of Death shows in New Mexico. The first time was on January 21st, 1992 for the "Human" tour in Santa Fe. I remember Vio-gression was the opening slot, but I missed half their set because I had the golden opportunity of getting Chuck and Scott (the touring bassist) off to their hotel for a break. Needless to say, I was thrilled at the chance to hang with the man himself. It's funny, 'cause I'd sorta always wondered (up to that point) why Death's line-ups had been different with each album. Was it that he was such a prick that no one could stand to keep on with him, or what? We smoked and shot the shit about Mercyful, Kiss and Maiden and we smoked a little more and I quickly realized how true he really was. A moment in time I'll remember always. The show itself was killer. Twas the first time I'd finally seen 'em and what a treat with Paul and Sean in tow.

The next time was in Albuquerque on July 27th, 1993 for the "Individual" tour. I remember that it was held in the bottom level of a long-since-gone dinner theatre and how stoked I was to finally meet Andy LaRocque, but alas that did not happen. Gene especially seemed to enjoy the food and I had another chance to just hang with Chuck. I remember we went to the upstairs theatre area of the building, which was all closed off and almost completely dark, and sat on the edge of the stage and sparked one up and talked about how Mercyful got back together and did "In the Shadows" and a bunch of other miscellaneous bullshit. Another memory. Gorefest and Sacrifice (especially "Forward to..." era material) were great that night as well.

The next time was also in Albuquerque on July 18th, 1995. This was an especially important one for me because I'd already established myself with Chuck, as well as a lot of other bands, as always putting out a fine product when it came dinner time. My favorite aspect of this whole gig is to take good care of these musicians, who've blessed me with very fine song, with a meal that they'll not get again on the road for the rest of their tour. And of all the people I've met, none seemed to appreciate or understand the food more than Chuck. Great time that night and all to the tune of "Symbolic" which is just about as fine an album as any, before or since. Never realized what an amazing guitarist Bobby was until it was on. One of the great "live" experiences of my little list of shows seen. Second time around seeing Gene which was another highlight.

The last time I saw them was December 8th, 1998 for the "Perseverance" tour. This time around though, I did not cook for them. I hung out on the bus for a bit and Chuck showed me the garbage they'd been served and I told him if he ever came to town again that I'd look him up and get everybody over to my place to relax a little and have dinner on me regardless of their prior arrangements. He said Control was gonna be going out soon after the tour and that he'd definitely take me up on the offer...but I'll never get that chance. I left New Mexico about a year and a half ago for Las Vegas to chef the restaurants out here and I'd always hoped for another chance meeting with Chuck. This news is a very heavy burden to the dwindling world of competent songwriters. I, among many others, will most definitely miss him and what he brought to the fortunate few. Thanks for lending an ear.

Through tears, Todd "the cook" R. Lovell, December 24, 2001