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Gene Hoglan

Chuck and I shared a lot of magic moments together... the fun chaos of creating "Individual"... and "Symbolic". The tours, the tears... (you know he was never comfortable with being called the Godfather of Death Metal, his reply was always "It's just Metal, Dammit") His contribution to metal is obvious, we've lost a leader but remember a mother has lost a son, and a sister and nephew have lost a brother and uncle. Keep them in your thoughts as you remember Chuck, our metal brother.




From the Nuclear Blast website

Here's what Steve DiGiorgio, band mate and bass player of Control Denied, wrote:
This is the first time since I've heard the news that I've been on the computer. I can see that news travels fast. Everyone knows by now. Also I want to thank all of you for your kind words of caring and support. So what do I have to add? We have lost an icon in the metal music world. More importantly, I have lost a good friend of many many years. He was born the same year as me and we had a lot in common. It's obvious that I played my best around him, somehow he brought out the sickest bass lines in me. He always pushed me to do more, think of more, pushing the boundaries and find the most innovative things...but to still keep it within the formula. I have lost an inspiration to my own personal musical quest, I will miss him forever. We were in the middle of doing the next record, and it's sad beyond belief that he never saw it to it's completion. We will try our best to finish it in his honor, but will never know if it lives up to his standards. That's the least we can do for someone who gave so much and cared so much about what he did and how it effected those who belived as well. Though I am glad in some small way the the suffering is over for him...that he would not be able to play his guitar again, reorganize his massive vinyl collection, work around the house, go to the beach, go to concerts...the things he loved to do. He didn't deserve a life without those things that made him who he was. Because he was, what he loved. He very much loved his family, never being too far away from his mother, father, his sister and his nephew. He loved animals and his pets were his family too. He loved the outdoors, barbeques, beaches, hikes, and canoeing took up a lot of time when we weren't writing new tunes. Of course he loved music, he made it his life...and we made it ours. It's true he had something very serious, and possibly something that would ultimately take him. But I want you to ignore all the rumors, all the hearsay, all the bullshit...and know that he never accepted his fate. He never gave up trying to overcome it. He went down swinging and was a true fighter until the end. He was told by his first doctor he didn't have long to live, so he went to another. When those doctors told him the same thing, he did it again - he went to find the answer he wanted, not the answer he was given. He traveled all over the country looking for someone to help in his fight. He wouldn't take no for an answer. His will to live was strengthened by the resolve of those around him. His family most of all who didn't hesitate to do what was neccessary for him. His friends who tried to pitch in whatever possible. And the fans and supporters all over the world, who's words and contributions kept the spark alive when things seemed the darkest. Be proud of his work, his heart still beats for us every time we listen to his songs, because his heart is in his work. Goodbye for a while Metal Brother, I'll miss you more than words can say.

Sunday, December 16, 2001 at 12:25:29 (EST)"




From Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles
Richard Christy

In Memory... 01/21/02

Currently in Indiana rehearsing for the ICED EARTH European tour, drummer Richard Christy wanted to speak out and say a few words in regards to Chuck Schuldiner's recent passing... "It's hard to put into words the feelings that someone has when they lose a very close friend," says Richard. "Chuck not only inspired me with his music, but he also inspired me with his kindness, his great sense of humor, and his courage. It is an honour to have made music with Chuck and to have him as a friend. Chuck is and will continue to be an inspiration to me and to countless people all around the world. Every day for the rest of my life I will stop to remember the great times we had together and the numerous friendships that I made because of Chuck. I would also like to extend a special thanks you to the Schuldiner family for treating me like a member of their family. I will cherish their friendship and Chuck's friendship forever."




From Seempieces
Travis Smith

12.17.01 Well it looks like the word is out and I guess everyone knows by now. The music world has lost a tremendous force, and the world has lost a great person. The irony of posting these thoughts on the "evilnet" is not lost on me, but I needed to get the thoughts out and posting them felt a little more like i was actually talking to someone.

Chuck, Thank you man. For your encouragement and friendship, bringing me into your "family", and making me a part of your quest and vision. We had some good talks and shared some good thoughts, and quite often, you made me think things differently and let me see a lot of things in a different light. You gave me a lot of perspective and always made me feel welcome and appreciated. My time with you seems quite short now but affected me quite a bit. You and the things you gave will be greatly missed. You never gave up. You never accepted this and you were strong and positive the whole time, which gave me the hope that made this so hard to accept.

So i just wanted to say goodbye for now.

You will always be heard. And hopefully we will get the chance to make you proud once again.

Find Peace, Brother. I'll miss you.

Also thoughts to Steve, Maria, and Jane, Who each in someway shared with me a part of Chuck, His music, and themselves. For a moment or for years. And who fought the fight with him.

December Seventeenth, Two Thousand and One





Please understand that Chuck and I were very close friends and I am in such pain over the loss of someone so magical in my life. I will do my best to provide something more appropriate for this page (not available anymore) but I need some time to myself in order to deal with this. Until then I fully intend to keep collecting donations via PayPal and through the mail and will also finish the auction with the remaining items sent in to us. Primarily, the Schuldiner Family still has enormous financial resposibilities looming and we will continue to assist as much as we can; they are family. Also, many people sent in something because they wanted to make a difference in my friend's life. They will not be robbed of that priviledge. I appreciate your patient support.

I love you Metal Brother, I'm with you always.




Hammerheart Records-Netherlands

Dear people in the Metal community...

Last weekend a terrible message reached us over here in Holland, the intense sad message that Chuck Schuldiner had passed away... We could not believe it... One is simply never prepared for news as bad as this is. The loss of such a great musician for the (extreme) Metal scene is beyond words, but not only this, Chuck as a human being will be missed even more and we wish to bring across our condolences to his family and to Maria Abril who were on his side untill the end. In my humble vision Chuck's struggle to survive became too much for him, and no matter how hard he tried the last year, the outcome of this battle is unfair.... but no one can change this, sad enough... The struggle and the suffering have come to an end...

For me personally Chuck will stay in my memory as a musician that created milestones as "Leprosy" and "Symbolic" (actually all the albums are milestones...) and as a Metal Brother which I was lucky enough to hang out with for a few days... One day we will meet again Chuck... Gone....but never ever forgotten.

Rest in peace...

Guido Heijnens




Nuclear Blast-Germany

As stated on our homepage and on various websites as; Chuck Schuldiner, founder of Death and Control Denied, passed away the 13th December.

Although it seemed that he was on the way to recovery the last weeks, he finally lost the fight against cancer. He will be missed by many, but never forgotten. His music, his achievements for the metal scene and his visionary concept will live on and continue to inspire new generations of musicians. We will miss you Chuck, and we would like to express our condolence towards the family of Chuck Schuldiner, especially his mother Jane, his friends and relatives.

Rest In Peace.




Metal Maniacs

December 16, 2001
Chuck Schuldiner lost the fight for his life on December 13, 2001 at 4 PM EST. There are no real words to express our sympathy to the Schuldiner family. Chuck's battle with brain cancer has been long but the relentless support of his innumerable amount of fans worldwide helped him spiritually and we can only hope, aided in dulling the pain if only a little. Metal has lost a great innovator but only in body. Chuck Schuldiner, Your spirit, love and unceasing dedication to metal will never be forgotten.

A farewell word has been posted on the memorial page of Empty Words, Please e-mail your thoughts and memories to Keep the fire burning always, Chuck Schuldiner R.I.P.





I.M. Chuck Schuldiner

The very first time that I spoke with Chuck Schuldiner is forever etched in my memory. I told him that if someone would have predicted a phone interview with the key figure behind Death, I would have declared that person totally crazy. "You never know what life brings!", Chuck replied on the other side of the phone."

Indeed, life is full of surprises. Positive, but very negative ones as well. In May1999 Chuck was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. What followed was a huge life and death struggle. A year later Chuck seemed to be on the road to recovery and he even was, despite the vague rumors of a bad motor system of his arm- capable of writing a second Control Denied CD. The recordings of this album were stopped somewhere in the middle, because Chuck had a setback. Meanwhile several benefit concerts were organised worldwide to make the medical treatment possible. December 13th 2001 Chuck passed away of the side effects of the chemotherapy.


The interview I did gave me a clear impression of Chuck Schuldiner: he was an enthusiastic musician and a fierce advocate of trendfree metal. According to some sources he should have already started his carreer by age 15. He founded Mantas, a band that later would be baptized into Death. After a few very famous demo's and a not very fertile cooperation with the Canadian Slaughter, the legendary 1987 debut was released: "Scream Bloody Gore." The vocalist/guitarist took the technical aspect within the death metal to a higher level with each recording. This led to the coming and going of relatively well known musicians and a discography filled with countless milestones like "Leprosy" (1988), "Human" (1991) and "Symbolic" (1995). Death came to an end in 1998 and Chuck focused completely on his new band Control Denied. From then on he could concentrate on the technical guitarplay. "The Fragile Art Of Existence" (1999) was the clever debut of the band. A successor should have been released this year, "When Man & Machine Collide", but will be postponed for that one very sad reason. As bassist Steve DiGiorgio states on the Nuclear Blast website: " We will try our best to finish it in his honor, but we will never know if it lives up to his standards".

Aardschok mourns this sad news and we give our deep condolences to his family, friends and fellow bandmates.
"You never know what life brings!" The words of Chuck Schuldiner will always be etched in my mind. They no longer apply to the man who was one of my heros. Passing at age 34 is far too early.

Dennis Verboven




Rock Hard-Germany
website December 17 2001

Dear On-Line community,

Last thursday Death/Control Denied-Mastermind Chuck Schuldiner lost his battle against cancer and left the metal-scene speechless. Every single one of us followed Chuck's struggle with this evil disease, and it still is hard to believe the idea that the Godfather of death metal is no longer with us. A full report will be in our next issue. The money that has been and will be contributed on our Schuldiner-account (011-012-078) at the Dortmund bank (BLZ 44050199), on behalf of Rock Hard GmbH, will be transfered to Chuck's mother, who still has a lot of bills to pay due to the expensive treatments her son needed. Whoever wants to support this brave woman can still contribute money to the account!
Rest in Peace, Chuck!



Rock Hard-Germany
February 2002

On December 13th, CHUCK SCHULDINER, the "Godfather" of death metal, died. Unfortunately all the group efforts, the benefit concerts and fundraisers, couldn't prevent him succumbing to cancer. Schuldiner's musical career started in 1983 in Orlando, Florida, where he formed the band Mantas with Rick Rozz and Kam Lee. Soon the name was changed into Death, which according to Chuck, has its origins in a review of Slayer's "Show No Mercy".



After three demos the first line-up split up. Chuck moved in the autumn of 1985 to San Francisco, where he met D.R.I. drummer Bert Brecht, and recorded the "Back From The Dead" rehearsal tape. During his short instructive "Slaughter" trip to Toronto, Chuck met drummer Chris Reifert in San Francisco, with whom he produced the legendary "Mutilation" demo. This brought him the long overdue record deal. For the Death album "Scream Bloody Gore" ('86) they could pour out of the well-filled demo-stock, which contributed as much to the cult status of the disk as the engagement of star producer Randy Burns (Megadeth, Dark Angel). The collaboration with Reifert came to an end because Chuck returned to Florida and Reifert didn't want to move there.



Schuldiner contacted his old friend Rick Rozz, who meanwhile formed Massacre with Kam Lee. Together, Rozz as well as, the Massacre rhythm section (Terry Butler and Bill Andrews) joined Death as well. With this line-up Chuck recorded "Leprosy" ('88) and "Spiritual Healing" ('90). For the last album the young James Murphy came into the band as the second guitar player. The (too) short solo duel on the title track showed the unbelievable potential of the two, who unfortunately went their own ways for the following tour. Murphy probably suspected that this tour was bewitched. After just a few European shows Chuck returned home because of health problems. It didn't keep his colleagues from touring on without him though, using the hurtful words "Fuck Chuck!".

In 1991 Chuck made a new start with "Human," assisted by the both Cynic members Sean Reinert and Paul Masvidal, and monster bass player Steve DiGiorgio. With "Human" the mere guitar attacks were in the past forever. Death integrated even fusion-elements into their death metal based sound, even two years before the progressive-death-metal wave started with Cynic, Atheist and Pestilence. The change can best be heard on the spacy-experimental instrumental "Cosmic Sea."

For "Individual Thought Patterns" ('93) Chuck could win giant double bass drummer Gene Hoglan and King Diamond guitarist Andy LaRocque. The main changes took place in the lyrics, where philosophical lines overtook the gore.

The most accessible Death album "Symbolic" ('95) was a big commercial flop. Yet songs such as "Crystal Mountain" and "Empty Words" surpassed the boundaries of death metal and became real classics. Disappointed about the restrained opinions on "Symbolic", Chuck put Death on ice and started his side project Control Denied, with which he concentrated completely on the guitar and left the singing to Tim Aymar. Surprisingly he reformed Death in 1998 for the "The Sound Of Perseverance" album. In 1999 the technically perfect Control Denied disk "The Fragile Art Of Existence" followed.

Shortly after the release of this album Chuck was diagnosed with a brainstem tumor. Which in retrospect made the album title almost an evil prediction. After the first operation Chuck recovered quite well, so that he quickly returned to work on the new Control Denied album. Chuck could not beat the setback he got last year though. His inimitable kind of singing will stay as unforgettable as his masterly guitarplay. With him a great metal pioneer has gone from us, yet he will live on through his music! Rest in Peace Chuck!

Robert Pöpperl




Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles

DEATH Legend Passes! 12/19/01

According to, on Thursday, December 13, 2001 at 4 PM EST, Chuck Schuldiner lost the fight for his life. The legendary Death Metal guru had been battling pontine glioma (a rare type of brain tumor) for a number of months and there were recent signs that he would pull through. The entire BW&BK Family is in shock and we pass along our thoughts and condolences to Chuck's family, friends and followers. He be terribly missed. In his own words - "Let The Metal Flow..."






It's been said that death is the great leveller, and yet to believe that is to accept that it's the bringer of some ultimate force of justice, something that none of us can feel right now, and perhaps never will. Chuck Schuldiner passed away on Thursday December 13 after a determined fight against cancer. The suddenness with which it took him, just when his recovery was such a distinct possibility, is a gratuitous cruelty that only casts his resolve and his nobility into sharper relief.

Those qualities were deeply rooted in Chuck Schuldiner's music, which in turn is deeply rooted in all of us. That past Death slogan, 'The first word in death metal' was no joke. At once visionary and definitive, Death were the standard by which all future acts would be judged, and yet to match the expressive, technical brilliance that ran from 'Scream Bloody Gore', through to 'Leprosy', 'Symbolic' and beyond would always be the hardest of acts. To listen to them now isn't just to bring memories flooding back, it's to lose yourself in a complexity so beautifully structured that they still feels like a template for new possibilities, an ever-renewable source. The death that took Chuck Schuldiner has cheated all of us, and yet his spirit will be reborn again and again, as a long as all of us continue to inherit his defiance and his fire. Our deepest condolences go out to Chuck's family, friends and colleagues, and for all those who wish to pass on their own, a book of condolences can be found at

Jonathan Selzer
Terrorizer Magazine




Metal Nightmare fanzine
A Eulogy for Chuck Schuldiner

The year 2001 will probably be remembered as a year that saw the release of many great albums. OPETH's "Blackwater Park" for one, ZYKLON's"World ov Worms" another. But 2001 will also be remembered as a very costly year. For it was on December 13th that we lost one of our own. Chuck Schuldiner of DEATH and CONTROL DENIED is no longer with us.

For me, Chuck is and will always be the Godfather of Death Metal. Many will point to POSSESSED as the band that started the genre, and such an opinion is a valid one. But while POSSESSED was the band that got the ball rolling, Chuck and his bands MANTAS and then DEATH were the ones that picked it up and hurled it through the neighbor's window.

The fact is that Chuck Schuldiner never did consider himself to be the creator of death metal. In an interview I did with him back in 1998, he told me that he was just playing metal. He never thought that he was in a "death metal" band, whatever that was back in 1985. As he told me, he thought it was pretty wild to be called death metal. Personally, I think he was right. At that time, there really wasn't any death metal as we know it today, or even as we knew it back in 1991. DEATH was simply one hell of a heavy band. POSSESSED took thrash metal a step further, but it was DEATH that truly spawned what would become death metal. Chuck's vocals were the most brutal thing out there at the time. Many have come and gone since, but Chuck was the original.

DEATH was a band that truly evolved over time. "Scream Bloody Gore" was an exercise in primitive extreme music. Lyrically it was never one of the more insightful albums, but the overall feel makes it one of the true classics, and an album that may well have the most influence on the scene even today. Out of all of DEATH's songs, I believe that "Evil Dead" is the most covered one. "Leprosy" and "Spiritual Healing were far more refined, and it was with these two releases that DEATH truly became a force to be reckoned with. Something that's important to note is that while Chuck used was would come to be called "death metal vocals," he did them in a way that the words were still understandable. This is something that has been lost on most of today's vocalists. Starting with "Human," DEATH began to go through a major change. Chuck's abilities as a technical guitarist began to show through, and the music became more complex. This continued on through the remaining albums of "Individual Thought Patterns," "Symbolic," and finally "The Sound of Perseverance." When it came to wizardly complicated riffs, Chuck was clearly one of the masters. But because the genre he played in was not popular among the mainstream, I don't believe he ever received the same kinds of accolades as the likes of George Lynch, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, or Joe Satriani. Still, I feel that Chuck Schuldiner could have easily held his own against the likes of them, and perhaps even surpassed them. When it came to music, Chuck was never one to just play it safe.

The tumor in Chuck's brain may have finally taken him from us, but it cannot erase his works or his legacy. We will always have the seven DEATH studio albums, as well as the two official live albums and probably countless bootlegs. We will also have the sole CONTROL DENIED release, but it is CONTROL DENIED where the cancer has also robbed us. We will never know what would have been if the band had been able to continue. The second album remains unfinished at this time. We also will never know if DEATH would have been resurrected again. At one point, Chuck stated that DEATH was over. But he was also one to say never say never.

Chuck is gone, but he will always be with us. He lives on in each and every one of the metal faithful. He was always a strong supporter of metal in general. I don't think there is a single metal band out there today that does not count the music of Chuck Schuldiner as an influence. Chuck lives through us in the metal songs that we hear. And of course he lives each and every time that we listen to one of his albums.

I'd like to think that Chuck is in a place now where he is free of the pain and of the limitations of this mortal coil. As cheesy as it may sound, maybe even now he is hard at work, jamming with other fallen heroes of ours. Maybe in the afterlife we will find Chuck Schuldiner again, and will find him writing and jamming with the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Bon Scott, Randy Rhoads, John Bonham, Euronymous, Ingo Schwichtenburg, Theo Loomans, Gar Samuelson, Eric Carr, Wendy Williams, or Joshua Heatley.

Rest in peace, Chuck Schuldiner. We will miss you, we will mourn you, but we will never forget you.

Tom Wren

Where exactly the core of ones soul derives could be speculated, but the actual make-up is not an exact science. What factors create ones being, ones personality, ones values, and ones expectations. Will forever be a mystery. Precisely how it should be. Therefore creating individualism, uniqueness, and the acute qualities that decipher your own personality from every other fuck out there. Who you are and what you stand for had to come from somewhere. Where exactly, who can fucking tell. To actually step back and contemplate your own internal make-up. Is to quite possibly evaluate your own heroes/influences. It has to be a combination of what you respect, who you respect and what kind of person you want to be. The roads you have traveled and the faces you have encountered. Ultimately after all these factors are taken into consideration the actual, "born-to" ideals along with those influences could be the final philosophy in which you live your life.

As I found myself sorting through my own emotions of Chuck's death, I knew that it would be no easy task to describe the impact that his music actually had on me. I will openly admit these feeling were amplified ten fold upon his death. If I were to explain Chuck's music if he were still alive things would be different. The intensity of his constitution would still be the same but not analyzed as tenaciously as they are now. It comes down to the age-old saying "you don't know how good you have it until it is gone". After a full week of contemplation, my explanation of what Chuck Schuldiner's music meant to me comes down to this. A part of who I am is accredited to a one, Chuck Schuldiner and the music he created. I in no way state that his virtue is what I am completely made of. But a fraction of Chuck Schuldiner is inscribed in my ultimate make-up. I could explain every nuance in great detail of why this came to be. Every incredible moment that I have had at the hands of a genius.

But why…? I take comfort in the fact that I will always have my Death and Control Denied discs sitting in the collection to comfort the loss of an absolute visionary. Beyond that I really have nothing left more to say.

After so many have written so much pertaining to Chuck Schuldiner and his Florida based band Death, utilizing adjective after adjective to describe him and his music in numerous and endless ways, what more can be said that hasn't been said already? It would probably not be beneficial to any and all true Chuck Schuldiner fans if I were to give a history on him or his music, due to the fact that you're more than likely familiar with the story already. To all of you that haven't had the opportunity to hear of either Chuck or his music, all I have to say is you are missing out on something special. If you've read any of my dissections in the past you will know I have stated that Chuck pioneered the genre of metal we know as "death". This is a fact, and he did so by forming his band Death. This is about all of Chuck's history that I plan on mentioning to you. I believe the most beneficial thing for me would be to share my history with the band Death with you. Hopefully after you have read this piece you will have gained something from it. What I have already gained from writing this dissection is immeasurable.

The year was 1996, and like everyone else in the world I was going through some rough and trying times. I don't have to tell most of you that one of the best medications for those times is music. Music is that bridge that leads you to places that are unimaginable in the real world. It's an escape that allows us to be free of the pain we all face from day to day. At that time in 96', a long time friend and I hooked up with a couple of musicians who later became two of my best friends and still are to this date. We formed a metal band and it was the beginning of a time in my life that helped heal some wounds and a time that will never be forgotten. During that musical phase in my life, I was really into the sounds of Pantera, Sepultura, Entombed, Slayer and the list goes on and on. These two new friends, Russ-Ale and Diabolic, turned me on to bands I didn't even know existed in the metal scene. They turned me on to many great albums that I didn't even know were available on the current metal market. One of those albums was Symbolic by Death.

Having been introduced to Death did for me what hearing The Beatles for the first time must have done for my father. I received a taped copy of Symbolic that had Coroner's Grin on the opposite side. I listened to that tape over and over again and never in my 11 years of listening to metal had I heard anything that moved me with such feeling. I had heard plenty of extreme metal in my day, but I had never heard any metal that contained a melodic/technical combination of this caliber. What even further blew my mind was the fact that Chuck played rhythm and lead guitar while singing at that same time (live anyway). And the singing, I had never heard anything so heavy yet so finely tuned, with lyrical concepts that touch on a state of genius. Anyone who has read the written words laid down by Chuck knows that he went to tremendous lengths to bring out the best in his lyrics. Symbolic contains some of the best lyrics written up to it's release in 1995 and still to this day. Chuck made sure every Death track contained the full package by always surrounding himself with the best musicians he could find. It was a wise choice, always playing with topnotch musicians that is, because every Death track does contain all of the elements needed to be labeled as "Masterpiece Metal".

Ty Brookman/Jon Eardley




Kerrang Magazine UK

frontman Chuck Schuldiner passed away on December 13 after losing his battle with a malignant brain tumor. Three years ago, Chuck was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that afflicted his brain and led to extensive medical treatment. Although Schuldiners did beat back the cancer for a short period of time, it came back full-force last year, prompting more extensive treatments. He finally got some national attention when, in a critical state, he was nearly refused treatment at a Californian hospital because he didn't have the required health insurance. When news of Schuldiner's illness spread, Death fans around the wordl donated their money and support, raising thousands of dollars for his medical fund. Unfortunately, despite fighting hard for his life, Chuck was unable to beat his illness and has died at the young age of 34.


Chuck Schuldiner was one of the most significant figures in the history of metal. After developing an unrivalled reputation among extreme metal tape-traders in the mid-'80s, Death released their first album, the classic "Scream Bloody Gore", in 1987. An instant hit with fans of the underground metal scene. Death became flag-bearers for what was then known as death metal. Since then, Schuldiner released a further six studio albums with Death, including "Leprosy" (1988) and "Spiritual Healing" (1989), both benchmarks for the death metal scene. In 1999 Schuldiner released an album with a new band, Control Denied, which showed a more progressive side to his songwriting skills.

"Chuck was never the easiest person to know or get along with, but that was due to his unwavering and uncompormising dedication to his music," writes K! scribe Don Kaye. "Chuck deservedly achieved legendary status in his lifetime as a true original. He will be greatly missed, but his impact on the metal music he loved will remain forever."

"I'm very sad about it all," Soulfly's Max Cavalera tells Kerrang!. "Death were very influential at the start of Sepultura's career. We used to trade letters when I lived in Brazil. He made me a cassette copy of the first album and sent it to me before it came out."

"All of us were big fans of Death back in the really early days," says Napalm Death frontman Barney Greenway. "Early Death was just a bastion of brutality. Those first three albums were every bit as important as "Reign In Blood"."

"I knew he was having health problems but to finally hear that he has passed is very sad," says Fear Factory drummer Raymond Herrera. "I was a huge fan of the band and collected all of his works when I was a kid. He'll be missed."

"The death of Chuck is very sad indeed," states Cathedral frontman Lee Dorrian. "His influence on the world of extreme music is massive, almost beyond words. he was also a very intelligent and polite gentleman who will be greatly missed."

"His death is a truly sad loss," says Stampin' Ground guitarist Scott Atkins. "I'm sure his talent reached far beyond the boundaries of extreme music."


Chronicles of Chaos

We end this editorial on a sombre note, as I include the thoughts of two CoC writers on this tragedy. I would like to dedicate this, one of the greatest issues in Chronicles of Chaos' six and a half year history, to Chuck Schuldiner, master of metal.

Perseverance sadly grew silent. Chuck has been one of my utmost favourite songwriters and musicians for about a decade. He will be greatly missed. Let the metal flow! Support music, not rumors. -- Chris Flaaten

While I was never a huge fan of Chuck Schuldiner's pioneering metal outfit Death, I was still a fan. His passing on December 13th, 2001 has left me saddened and upset. Moreso than some might think. You see, a few years back I had the opportunity to talk to Schuldiner about his then new project Control Denied and the album _The Fragile Art of Existence_ . Sure it was one of the hundred interviews I had done that year, but this interview would be one of the most rewarding interview opportunities I would encounter in my music journalism career. At the time of the interview, my 27-year-old twin brother Winston (now 30 and in good health) was diagnosed with a pelvic tumor and had been going through several months of treatment, while at the same time Schuldiner was in the midst of treatment and in-between hospital stays. We talked about the new album, of course, but before we got into all that, we talked for a while about how a life-threatening illness affects family and friends. He said, "With what has happened to me, it has really opened up my eyes and drawn me closer to my family and friends. It makes you realize a lot of different things. The outpouring of letters from around the world from people I don't even know has meant a lot to me. I am deeply touched by the response from all of this. A lot of personal stories have been told to me, like the one of your brother, and that makes me feel good that people are willing to open up, and it shows me I shouldn't keep this all in.It's a very emotional experience to read all of this stuff that people send me. It really shows you just how things really are and how simple things can mean so much to you." I pulled out that interview a few days after I had heard of his passing and couldn't believe that such a brave fighter like Chuck had lost his battle. His fight had come to an end, but no doubt his fans will keep his work alive and well within the metal realms for years to come. God bless you Chuck! Rest in peace. Please visit the official Death site and sign the book of condolence.-- Adrian Bromley


Rock Station Magazine Turkey

"Some just listen to music…
Some make music…
However there are some…. Who create music.."

13 December 2001… at 16.00 PM… a time that thousands of people feel sad about. His presence brought about a revolution, raising the standards of metal, guiding a generation of musicians and influencing them in a way that cannot be defined. We have known about Chuck's battle with cancer for some time. We were concerned about him and praying for him. However, the disease he was fighting was merciless and insidious, it brought him to the end very slowly, even while giving us a glimmer of hope for recovery. He was so young, and had a such lovely and sensitive personality behind his great charisma. He was so sensitive, that it even reflected in his facial muscles as an inner smile, while singing all those aggressive songs. An overwhelming reaction to his presence, melodies and lyrics comes from deep inside and cannot be described…

A long time ago, I lost two of my best friends to the same type of illness. One was my childhood friend Omer. He had awful headaches all the time. He suffered from terrible pain. When he went to the doctors, they said he needed an operation. They operated, but he never recovered from his coma. When I was in high school, my friend Mehmet suffered from terrible headaches. The doctors gave him drugs to ease his suffering, but nevertheless, we lost him to brain cancer. One might think there was a link. When I think about Chuck's disease, having my friends and memories in mind, I feel terrible sadness inside. This disease is so disgusting that I am scared to talk about it. It is so difficult to beat it. Have you ever wondered why humans are afraid of dying? Everybody does and for lots of different reasons. I found at least two main reasons: first, not seeing the people I love anymore; secondly the fact of disappearing. We can do nothing about the first one, but there are lots of things to do about the second one. When people who are left behind say good things about yo9u when you're gone, and pay their respects and regards, saying that you've done great things and shouldn't have died. I suppose I've done some good things as well, so I'm not afraid of death. When I think and feel these things, I know that Chuck; the man who created a revolution and a new musical style, would not be so fearful or sad. He left us with honor and he's with the angels now. Have you ever thought about why angels are so lucky? They are so lucky because all the good people are with them forever…

I was in a meeting when I heard about Chuck's death. I wanted to cry because I felt a great pain inside. I apologized to the people I was with, and they assumed I had lost one of my relatives. Yes, I lost a relative, a close friend, a brother who always understood me… After a while I remembered Omer and Mehmet and the suffering they went through. I thought about the terrible headaches that they, and Chuck, had. Then I relaxed a bit, thinking all the pain ended. He left the pain and those who were making demands on him. If he had lived, what would have happened by this time? We would have sent him mails saying, "we want concerts and new albums… do it! Why don't you?!" We all wanted more and more, while Chuck was fighting with an endless abyss of pain… At that point, I thought about how selfish we are. Nobody wants to leave this world, but we have to accept that it's a relief when you're in such pain… The person with whom I shared my childhood, my memories, my love and lots of other things; Chuck, of Death, facing the very thing he named his band after…

I'm annoyed with myself that I haven't cried yet, but now at this moment I am crying while writing these sentences. The only reason for my tears is being physically so far away from such a great person. Please, have a look at the cover of our magazine… The picture of Chuck there… look, how innocent he is. Please, show this to somebody who doesn't know anything about this music and doesn't accept it. Ask his opinion without telling anything about Death and Chuck's musical career. That person will look at this picture and will absolutely say that he really looks like a good person. Please tell him that he's right. Hey Chuck, you gave us lots of great things. You expand our imaginations with your creations. We catch so many colors with your gifts and you are the man showing us that the world is not made up of a single color. I want to thank you my brother. Please don't forget that you are always in our hearts and one day you will send us your new melodies with angels. WE LOVE YOU, YOU ARE NOW AND ALWAYS WILL BE HERE WITH US...



The Orlando METAL Awards 2002 are humbly dedicated to the memory of CHUCK SCHULDINER

Chuck Schuldiner lost his fight against Cancer December 13th, 2001...

Considered by many in the Metal community as the Godfather of Death Metal, he will be remembered by most of us as a friend and colleage. Words cannot aptly describe the loss and sadness that so many of us have felt with his passing. After diligently trying to conjure up words to express the loss that I myself and you the fans have felt, I believe it would be in vain to try and mold words worthy of Chuck's eternal legacy and memory...

Therefore the following quote is from Chuck's loving mother, of whom we send out our deepest condolences and sympathies...

"Even though it was a very tough battle at times, Chuck always stayed clear minded and positive that he would get well, to the very end of his life, literally. His many fans and friends are responsible for that positive attitude because you always gave him hope with your emails, cards and letters. And now you are sending emails helping his family through the most difficult time of our lives, trying to cope with the loss of the most wonderful person I have ever known, a much, much loved and missed son, uncle and brother. As his sister said, life has a haze over it with Chuck gone, and life will never be the same."

Thank you for your support. - Jane Schuldiner (Chuck's mom)




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