Scavenger of Human Sorrow T
Bite the Pain T
Spirit Crusher T
Story to Tell T
Flesh and the Power it Holds T
Voice of the Soul T
To Forgive is to Suffer T
A Moment of Clarity T

Chuck with:
Richard Christy-Drums
Scott Clendenin-Bass
Shannon Hamm-Guitar

1998 / Nuclear Blast 27361 63372
Produced by Jim Morris and Chuck Schuldiner
Music and lyrics by Chuck Schuldiner
Cover art and logo by Travis Smith

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Chuck Schuldiner is one of the most competent guitarists in metal, and nobody knows how to combine technical brilliance, harmony, brutality and good melodic-lines like this man does. "Scavenger of Human Sorrow", "Bite the Pain", "Flesh and The Power It Holds" - goose-bumps are the consequence and refined brutality is the keyword for this masterpiece.
This is music to die for!

Haakon Grav - Scream Magazine 08/1998 6/6




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