Magazine: Spark Magazine / Czech Republic
Article: Deep Look Inside

Written by: Adriana Rapavá
Translated by: Lukas Sedlacek
Published: July 1995



1. Your attitude on religions.
I believe in life, in a normal human life. I believe that being kind to other people and also to yourself is worthwile. It is important to not consider things in life as certain and warranted, and it´s important to know how fragile life is and how quickly you could lose it. That´s what people fear the most. I´m not endorsing to any religion. I believe in what I meet in my life and I worship nature and everything what grows from it. What is artificial is not worthwhile to me. I don´t wanna think restricted, I want to see things in many corners and views and any church or religion cannot help me do this. Faith is a totally personal matter. I want to live my life with the feeling that the things I do are good. I have nothing against religion if it´s not an instrument used to abuse people.

2. At your early albums many people who are out of the scene considered you guys Satanists. What do you think about that?
Unfortunately many metal bands have experienced the situation where they had been automatically designated as Satanic. And that's only because they played more brutal music than usual. That´s the same case with Death and I can say to all those people that I do not believe in any Satan and I don´t endorse to any cults or sect. In my lyrics I´m not interested in it at all, and if any Devil exists than it is evil that dwells in people. Of course, I have listened to many bands which have been Satanic, like Venom, Mercyful Fate, Black Sabbath, Celtic Frost, but that was just their face value. The lyrics I write for Death are about life and everything which meets me in it and what it gives to me.

3. What was the first record you bought?
I was talking about it with Gene just today! My first record was "Destroyer" by Kiss. That album changed my life. Actually, I didn´t buy it by myself but I got it as a Christmas present and I brightly remember that magic feeling in my heart which probably anybody cannot know [I would think that the translation of this would be "...feeling in my heart which everybody probably knows"]. I was almost weeping with joy. It still brings this beautiful feeling to my heart. It was the most beatiful period of my life and that was the time I decided to become a musician

4. What would you do if you were not a musician?
I would certainly be a veterinarian or somebody who works with animals. And if even this didn´t come true I would become a cook. I love animals and cooking. At home with my fiance I breed two dogs and two cats. They are like children to us.

5. Which swear-words do you use most often?
I have two swear words. Musical business. It sucks. I hate this business. Unfortunately as a musician I have to be in it but it makes me sick.

6. When was the last time you put on an evening dress?
Probably when I ended my last year of school. I continued on to high school but I didn´t finished it due to my band. School bored me and I wanted to make music.

7. What did your parents think about that?
They were vexed about it beacuase they are both teachers. Altough they didn´t teach in the same school where I was studying they were angry when I said "to hell with it." Now they are not angry about that but to tell the truth, when I think of my past I can´t belive that I did something like that. I am afraid of it now and I think it would have been cool if I had finished it.

8. How were you as an adolescent?
Very kind. Music was my only amusment and enjoyment. I didn´t want to have problems with anybody. I was playing my music, buying records and keeping away from conflicts.

9. How did people around you react when you first gained success with your band?
After the first album´s release people from school were glad to know me. And of course there were many stupid rumors.

10. Who do you hate or don´t like?
There are many people in the music industry who I´m not in love with. I won´t mention names, but I'll say it generally: I hate liars and deceivers and those who hurt others intentionally.

11. Who is the person you love the most?
My mom. She have always stood by my side during whatever was happening. I think that family is the most important thing. It is a place where you spend the most joyous period of your life and it helps you to go through the difficult times. My mom has an understanding for my music which is visible, since she leads Death's Fan club. My parents have never forced me to do anything and they are very understanding.

12. What did they say when you had begun to wear long hair?
They knew that it would come, so they weren´t surprised at all. They just said to themselves: Well, that´s it. This is done. What´s gonna be next?

13. Which subject did you like the most while in school?
Science. Experiments, samples, microscopes… It was very attractive to me.

14. What was the hardest drug you have ever taken?
I've tripped several times. That´s all because I don´t like the hard drugs. And my only drugs are alcohol and grass.

15. What is your opinion on marriage?
I think it´s a big matter. Unfortunately it happens very often that marriage is ruined due to empty words. Marriage to me is more than a piece of paper. The paper can be destroyed, but what´s deep in people cannot be destroyed if they don´t allow it. Love is deep inside. Marrige is a lifetime knot and not the result of the words spoken which could easily crush your life. When I get married, certaintly it wouldn´t be in church, but it will be somewhere near the Florida beach. It will be someting special, you can be sure.

16. How do you go through the depressions?

17. Do you have panic or dread of anything?
I fear spiders very much. They are abhorrent, I hate them. Over there on Florida there are many kinds of big spiders which can live in your house is no problem. So I really don´t need that.

18. Have you ever lost your self-control?
Many times. But all the negative I put into the music and everything was OK.

19. What´s your hobby?
Listening to music. I often walk the scenery, on beach, and I spend my spare time with my friends and my pets.

20. When do you get a burst of creativity the most often?
At night. I go to my room, lock the door and create. Everywhere is silence and darkness which is the best surrounding for my composition.

21. In another interview on Death's lyrics you have spoken something about the theme of alien beings and extraterrestial civilizations (Misanthrope). Do you think they really exist?
Yes, I think. I often think about that there must be planets in the space where life exists. I hope these civilizations aren´t as confused as we are. I have no idea how they are. Nobody knows. I believe that we´ll manage to find out more about it. Maybe they are kind and friendly and they will help to our planet because it is needed.

22. What is it that makes you so seriously interested in this topic?
As a child I liked watching movies on this or similiar themes.

23. Your favourite book or movie.
It was the book by Jonathan L. Seagle called "Bird". I read it in secondary school. It is very readable and the plot is very interesting. It is a book which will help you to dream and to understand that everything is possible. The author sees himself as a bird, overwhelming his life are boundaries and blocks. From movies my favorite one is "The Wizard of Oz", and then animated movies, Scooby Doo.

24. Favourite drink.
Cocoa and ice tea, alcohol would be Jack Daniels whisky.

25. What do you think about abortions?
It should be legal. If I was a woman surely I would like to have a choice to have a child or not. In U.S. lot of new-borns are killed because they were unwanted. It is better to solve it immediately when a woman finds out about the pregnancy and she doesn't want a child. Better to go for an abortion than to kill a baby. That is terrible. Men cannot force women to keep a child when they themselves feel they can't.

26. Policy.
In the States there are a lot of political parties that can feed you nice speeches. I think justice has got lot of room for improvement. Victims should have more rights. There are a lot of poor people who need help and a great deal of money is spent on useless things and not for help to those people.

27. Your sex-symbol?
The woman I live with. She's one of the most beautiful.

28. What could make you angry?
People who muck-rake. I like doing interviews for magazines but it happens sometimes that some individuals drudge up certain matters from the past. Then I really get pissed off. Look, there are new people in the band, we have a new album, so there is a lot to speak about, so why are they asking about things which should have been forgotten a long time ago? I know that they intentionally pull out all the filth. In that moment I cease my communication with this person and my mood is totally frozen.


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Translated by LS/MM for EmptyWords-Published on February 22 2003