Review: Live in L.A. (VHS)
Webzine: The Metal Observer
Written by: Bram van Cauter

Published: November 2002


Well, I can keep this review quite short. This video kicks some major ass! Forgive me starting to sound like a fucken' US redneck but I can't stop being in total awe of this monster metal feast!

DEATH fans should already have this one in his/her collection, but those who don't: go kill yourself you poser! Anyway take a look at the track list, songs range from all the way back to the cult "Scream Bloody Gore" days to the more sophisticated work of the "The Sound Of Perseverance" album. The sound quality is nearly perfect (the drums being very loud in the mix, which honestly doesn't bother me since Richard Christy is one fucking amazing octopus!): a dry as fuck drum sound, the trademark crisp guitar sound and the bass nicely audible.

The image quality is pretty good (I've seen better), the filming is quite sober. All in all this is a very honest and rewarding 72 minutes of one of the best metal bands out there...

Get it, DEATH will never die!


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EmptyWords-Published on November 23 2002