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I have been extremely overwhelmed by the support that has been coming into the Metal Crusade. I am really happy you enjoyed SYMBOLIC. It was a very important record to me and I am thrilled to read your letters and to see that the connection between the music and fans was as strong as ever! Mission accomplished... but not over!

I have also received some letters of concern over the new band and the spirit of Death in question. Fear not, Crusaders of True Metal, the spirit, sincerity, aggression, melody and quality is alive and well! The concept of forming Control Denied is not about altering the sound you and I expect to hear, but to carry it once again to new heights that I have yet to reach. Double bass, hi-tech drumming mayhem, lethal dual axe attack and bass work that intertwines throughout the twists and turns and journeys of each song... trust me it's all there. Once again there is no compromise or trends involved here, just pure explosive metal. Bringing this music to life is a top notch bunch of guys from Florida that I am really excited about jamming with. I'm happy to announce behind the drums is Chris Williams, Shannon Hamm, lead guitar and the deadly bass dose is being supplied by Scott Clendenin. Remember you heard about it in the Metal Crusade first! The next newsletter will contain the full inside scoop and photos of the new line-up, it's gonna crush. Also by then, I will be able to announce the man behind the vocals... don't worry, it will shred! Thanks again for all the supportive letters of encouragement.


Your photo, or one with your friends, is wanted for our scrapbook of Metal Crusade Fan Club members... We want everyone's picture! Please don't send us your senior portrait... you look great but we want to see some Death fan pictures with some conviction! They will be published in the upcoming newsletter. We look forward to seeing them!!!!


If you've never seen Death live you should. On stage they are heavy, fast, raw, upcompromising, intense and just plain sick. This is wat real metal is all about! We waited with baited breath and bodies clenched with anxiety. The band opened with a surprising "Spiritual Healing". A song I've not heard live since the "Crusade of Brutality" Tour. Instantly, the crowd was in a frenzied rage. Next up- "The Philosopher". Once again, Chuck and crew smashed through with pure energy, smooth and solid. The third song, "Suicide Machine" was amazingly powerful. A song that sends shivers up and down your spine. Next was the first of the new tracks to be played live- "Crystal Mountain"- a heavy, melodic song, which Chuck announces "is about a mountain built upan corruption and greed". Following were "Jealousy" and "Zero Tolerance" and the the ferocious "Lack of Comprehension". If the band played any faster or heavier, the club would have probably imploded and turned into a black hole! Soon to follow... "1,000 Eyes", "Empty Words" and the intense title track "Symbolic"- which was more powerful live than I could have possibly imagined! They closed the set with the classic "Pull the Plug". Overall, the band played great.




If you were a die hard Kiss fan when you were a kid, you might remember buying copies of a rock magazine of the 1970's called "CREEM". They released a special issue that included full coverage on the "KISS TAKES JAPAN" Tour. Well, Chuck was one of those kids who bought that issue and was taken in by the photos of the fans and the article itself praising the response KISS received. Luckily, "Rock-n-Roll dreams" do come true... and worth waiting for. In September 1995, almost twenty years later, DEATH traveled to Japan- the heavy metal capital of the world!...

"It was a dream come true. I will never forget that entire experience." Chuck recalls, "The people in Japan really made us feel welcome." "It was killer beyond words." Bobby added. "What an amazing people and culture! The tour was extremely well organized, a very well executed package deal. Being there really affected me. I can't describe it. Western nations have a lot to learn from the Japanese, let's put it that way... Here's a quick 'short' to Yoko and Kimiko... 'What's up, kids?'"


And Brian's view?...
"Japan ruled!!!!! The crowds, the people, the shows, the food... everything was incredible!!! I've always wanted to go to Japan and it was great of Chuck to take me with them. I think the whole band and crew experienced an opportunity together we will never forget! I'd also like to say hello to all the friends I made there. You made Japan very special for me and I'll never forget it. I've tasted the Orient... and I like it! Hey Mako!!!

It was clear when DEATH returned, they had developed a unique, strong bond with the Japanese fans- and were really surprised to see their dedication to the metal scene in general... "The fans were really awesome," Chuck began, "they really seemed to enjoy themselves and are so sincere when it comes to their support for the music.

Japan has the greatest metal scene of all time without a doubt. The grunge movement has not effected heavy metal there whatsoever. I was so inspired being there. The people were all so friendly and truly interested in all aspects of the music. The press there is really incredible as well as they show tons of support for metal bands from all over the world... Besides the overabundance of Metal, I was drooling over the food there. It was incredible! Lots of spicy stuff so I was really going sick and eating large amounts until I was at my danger level of stomach carnage!! They also made some of the best ice tea, raging stuff!"

And altough the entire Japan tour was incredible, we were curious to know which show was the most intense... Bobby and Brian jumped to answer that one!

"I usually don't get nervous before shows, but I do get psyched if I know it's going to be a great show. And the whole time in Japan, you just knew it the second we went up on stage. The first night in Osaka set the precedent for the whole tour... happy, crazy kids hungry for the music. The second Tokyo show was out of control!!! There was nothing negative about the whol experience, believe me. I could ramble (about Japan) for days..." Bobby smiled content.

"Yeah, the last show in Tokyo was my favorite." Brian explained. "It was packed and I think we all just went full force. They also taped it for us. I want to add that every show in Japan ruled, but the last one just seemed special..."

"The last show in Tokyo was definitely a major inspiration." Chuck added. "It was packed and people were ready to have a good time, and so were we! It was all caught on video. We may be able to someday release it to the public eventually. I'd love for people to see it, as a home video format. Our soundman, Paul really kicked ass on it as well." Chuck continued, "I was really anticipating that first show in Japan though... finally! It was pretty incredible to look out there in the audience and see true reality that Japan was not just a dream anymore..."




"I feel like the recent tour of Europe was one of the best DEATH has ever done. The fans were really supportive of the new album, SYMBOLIC, and the over all turn-out of people were the best I've seen in Europe. It was also a tour that brought us into some new territory such as Czech Republic and Portugal. Both countries were incredible places to play.

The fans were so die hard! I enjoyed talking with people and hearing what they had to say. The support was very sincere. Thinking back on it now, it is still hard to say where the best show was but one definitely stands out in my memory: Portugal.

The streets were packed with People waiting to get into the show. They started thrashing all around the bus and someone got thrown into the frond windshield of our tour bus... head first! But luckily no one was hurt except our window on the bus.

That night was a "sold out' show filled with metal mayhem. We also had a great time touring with the BENEDICTION dudes. We soon found out they were big time fans of a lot of our favorite metal bands also. They went over great every night and to top it off they play a mean game of pinball!

A funny pin ball related story that comes to mind was when we were in Osnabrück, Germany. Our master soundman, Paul "Don Bronalson" Babikian, joined us in a game when all of a sudden after losing a coupling games, Paul began to wrestle the machine like a grizzly bear! We all stepped back in amazement as we then knew Paul was not only a killer sound man... but a "Pinball Warrior"!!!


Bobby: Awesome! It was an interesting cultural experience. The people in most places were very enthusiastic and friendly. Lot's of crushing, crushing show, too. Touring with Benediction was ruling. That part definitely ended too soon. What a bunch of fine lads! We must tip jars again soon!

Brian: Berlin... the crowd was mayhem and we jammed "Killers" and "Fast as a Shark".

Bobby: Hard to decide. I'm a big fan of history and architecture so getting to see places like Prague, Paris and Amsterdam have been amazing to me personally. I'm a big fan of Holland, in general.




For a lot of people when they think of Japan and Heavy Metal, the first name that comes to mind is "LOUDNESS". At one point in America, LOUDNESS started to get some good press and a couple of big tours. During the eraly to mid eighties there were many other metal bands of Japan. Bands like X-RAY, EARTHSHAKER, 44 MAGNUM and BOW WOW were cranking our metal mayhem. The bands also featured some really killer guitar players as well, all shredding in traditional format. These bands unfortunately went unnoticed because of limited distribution outside Japan. Well, after going to Japan, I discovered some incredible bands there that are still going unnoticed outside there country. Being denied metal is one of the worst things ever! As a fan myself, I know that feeling of wanting to hear some new stuff! The Japanese metal Report is going to be your link to a lot of great bands that I think you all should be hearing also. The first band to be featured is "SABER TIGER".

Both releases are equal in quality of songwriting and musicianship. Top notch melodic metal with a progressive edge is what SABER TIGER delivers with total control. The dual axe attack of guitarists, Akihito Kinoshita and Yasauharu Tanaka is an experience of guitar acrobatics! The lead and rhythm work is very well thought out, I definitely hear a hint of DREAM THEATER in certain elements of their material. Drummer, Yoshio Isoda and bassist, Takashi Yamazumi both shred in their departments locking in on some tasty double bass work and a couple of coll bass leads. Fronting SABER TIGER is one of the greatest female singers in metal/hard rock. Yoko Kubota has a powerful yet very versatile voice that compliments the material with a killer performance on each song. Her vocal power and range reminds me of Anne Wilson of HEART. Killer stuff! Both these albums desever the time it might take to get them since they are as far as I know, not being released in America and Europe. Don't let this stop you though.


What finally inspired you to do a new project? Chuck explains...
"For a few years now I have had the urge to do something a little more expandable, musically speaking. I thought SYMBOLIC was a great record to leave people with to prepare them for the next journey, "Control Denied"! I have talked about it very openly to press for the past few years so people would be aware of my plans to take the metal further than ever before."

"... No need to worry. I took an oath twelve years ago to not let the fans down or myself down as well. The terms "wimp-out", "compromise", or "grunge" are things that I oppose as a fan and as a musician. "Control Denied" is no compromise metal in the form of what I think people come to expect from me and more!

"The new songs are extremely heavy with a lot of twists and turns and intertwining melodies mixed with some high energy progressive drumming, from Chris Williams. Chris' performance really shines through on the new songs with a lot of variety and some insane double bass techniques that are sure to blow some speakers out there!"

"If you saw the recent issue of guitar world, you already know about my departure in the vocal department which will give me room to expand as a guitarist whish is really exciting for me. The lead vocals are going to be very traditional but also very aggressive, giving CONTROL DENIED a different edge from Death."

"Up until recently, a friend of mine, BC Richards, was helping us out with the vocals but between the new project and his band, Wicked Ways, BC will concentrate on the Wicked Ways material which hopefully will be recorded at "Black Diamond Studios" (my home studio now open for business outside my house) where we are also recording all the pre-production material for CONTROL DENIED. I think it is safe to say that metal is really flowing here in Orlando Florida. As soon as a new singer is confirmed you will get an update. Until then remember: in 1996, Control will be Denied!"



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